Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A long long time ago

Hey! Do you remember me? Last time we met I was a cute little boy doing things like cooking up bugs and ridin' in big rigs. Now I hope you dont think my adventures ended there. I just have been busy growing up from a little boy to a helpful young man. My daddy had to go away for awhile so I had to take control of the situation at home, you know? Of course this meant taking care of my daddy because those hospitals just dont give the personal care like I do:

I had to make sure his leg poofy air things stayed working good.

Ignore that thing on the side table in the photo below.
 I would love to help with that but daddy wouldnt let me.

The best care a daddy can get are little boy hugs

Lollipop licks too.

Of course when I wasnt helping my daddy get better I was tending to things at home:

I am the worlds youngest interior decorator. 

Mommy said that I am really really good at my job.

Keeping Mommy out of trouble is always a huge task.
Sometimes just taking a dorky photo with a ridiculous hat does the job.

As you know, I have so many other jobs as well.
I am a conductor on the weekends:

It pays well:

And I work for the fire department in my spare time:

(Bubba likes to think he is helping me; we just let him think that)

Of course, when I am all done tending to Daddy,
decorating and posing for Mommy,
 train conducting and putting out fires,
I have to save the rest of the world.


Yes, I am one busy, big little boy.
Sometimes it just wears me out!


I have many adventures to tell. I just thought I better catch up first since the last time we talked was a long long time ago!


QuiltSue said...

Hi Stephen. It's so good to hear from you again. You really have done a lot of growing up haven't you? I wonder which of them was your most favouritest job of all? I reckon it was the interior decorator.

Sunnybec said...

Hey, nice to hear from you little man! Wow have you been a busy bee! I would need to take a nap too if I had all those jobs to do. Hugs xxxxx

Pat said...

Lovely to hear from you again. What a great helper you are. x

KatieQ said...

I'm amazed to see how much you have grown. I'm happy that you are reporting on your adventures again and helping your dad.

Linda said...

Well aren't you the sweetest thing taking care of your daddy! You certainly have been busy. Keep up the good work little man! High Five!!

Belinda said...

Hey Buddy! I've missed you. Man! You sure have some fun adventures. This summer I hope my "Da" takes me to ride on a real train before he retires. That should be a cool adventure like yours. I don't have a big brother, but I wish I did. Your's looks like he's fun!

Glad to see you back in blogland my friend!

Your pal,

Jill Martin said...

WOW you are such a talented young man. Your adventures are incredible no wonder you take a nap now and then. ,I also like your power snacks..

elliek said...

I agree that little boy hugs are the best medicine for sick Daddies. Well done on taking such good care of him and your mum.

Joy said...

Hi Stephen! You are quite the busy young man, and I know your Mom appreciates your help! If I were not feeling well, I bet one of your hugs would fix me up right away - I know your Dad loves your hugs!

I look forward to hearing about your next adventure and seeing more pictures. Have a fun day today!