Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A long long time ago

Hey! Do you remember me? Last time we met I was a cute little boy doing things like cooking up bugs and ridin' in big rigs. Now I hope you dont think my adventures ended there. I just have been busy growing up from a little boy to a helpful young man. My daddy had to go away for awhile so I had to take control of the situation at home, you know? Of course this meant taking care of my daddy because those hospitals just dont give the personal care like I do:

I had to make sure his leg poofy air things stayed working good.

Ignore that thing on the side table in the photo below.
 I would love to help with that but daddy wouldnt let me.

The best care a daddy can get are little boy hugs

Lollipop licks too.

Of course when I wasnt helping my daddy get better I was tending to things at home:

I am the worlds youngest interior decorator. 

Mommy said that I am really really good at my job.

Keeping Mommy out of trouble is always a huge task.
Sometimes just taking a dorky photo with a ridiculous hat does the job.

As you know, I have so many other jobs as well.
I am a conductor on the weekends:

It pays well:

And I work for the fire department in my spare time:

(Bubba likes to think he is helping me; we just let him think that)

Of course, when I am all done tending to Daddy,
decorating and posing for Mommy,
 train conducting and putting out fires,
I have to save the rest of the world.


Yes, I am one busy, big little boy.
Sometimes it just wears me out!


I have many adventures to tell. I just thought I better catch up first since the last time we talked was a long long time ago!