Friday, May 25, 2012

I ate yellow snow and lived to tell about it!

Just an hour or two ago I spent hard working time out at the barn. I had to feed my horse, and pet all the other horses and climb some fences and hitch a ride on the big blue tractor. Hard work makes for dirty, thirsty boys. So we just stopped at one of those Snow Cone places. I really wasn't sure what a snow cone was; but I'm game for new adventures.

At least I was until Daddy handed my snow cone to me. Didn't your momma ever tell you not to eat yellow snow? Mine sure did. And here Daddy just wants me to up and eat it.

I wasn't really sure what to think. But, hey if Daddy is man enough to eat yellow snow then I am too! I proceeded with caution:

Hmmm, not bad. Not bad at all. Sweet and tasty.
Sort of tastes like bananas.

Hey, I dropped some. Better eat it up. Yum! Even tastier with truck dirt on it.

Well, that was good. I ate it til the last drop.

Oh, never mind. Daddy has some left. I'll just help him finish his too.

Mmmm, yep. Yellow snow is not bad. Not bad at all.
You should try it for yourself!

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Muddin' Adventure

Did you think I was still alive? I have some adventures to show you but they are all lost on Mommy's old computer and we are waiting on Daddy to fix 'em to the new computer. Daddy reads my adventures. And Nanny reads my Adventures. That's Daddy's Mommy. I bet if Daddy doesn't get my Adventure stuff moved soon, he'll be in big trouble with Nanny.

In the meantime, I have a couple of pictures to show you at least.

We were working outside today. I worked real hard dumping out old flower planters. That's hard work, you know. But then I discovered something. If you water the dumped out get MUD. And when you get mud, you have to get your truck and go muddin'.

See my truck behind me? You can see it better in the picture below. I smiled and said "Cheese" for the camera.

I've always, my whole life, heard that mud baths are good for your complexion. I offered to give Mommy a mud bath but she was too chicken. So I gave my clothes a mud bath instead. 

We had new neighbors move in today. I greeted the mom very nicely by spraying her with the hose. Momma told Daddy that at least I 'broke the ice'. I don't remember seeing any ice. I think it was too hot outside for ice. I just figured the lady was hot from all that moving. She said I'm cute. I know it.
I still don't remember breaking ice though.