Friday, August 24, 2012

Walking Stick Stuff

Today in school we learned about walking sticks. 

No Silly, this kind of walking stick. 
You know...the sticks with legs on them.

We read some books about them and looked at photos of really weird ones.
Then we made our own walking sticks.

I bet you didn't know walking sticks were made of frosting and pretzels did you?

A true chef must taste his work to make sure it's palatable.

I do believe I just ate a bug.

Hey those aren't half bad!

I am such a kind and giving boy I cooked up some for you too.
Hope you like them!


Belinda said...

That's pretty cool Stephen. Did the bug taste ok? Maybe my Nanna will see this and help me make some bugs...uh walking sticks.

Your friend,

Carla said...

I do believe I'd like that kind of walking stick. Looks like you enjoyed yours.