Tuesday, February 21, 2012

At Home Adventures with Stephen

Sometimes in the winter it takes me a long time to go on an adventure. But I am an adventurous little boy, so I do find ways to go on adventures right here at home. 

Like the day I got into the matchboxes. Mommy had a whole case of them. She said they were for her to turn into ornaments, but I found a better use for them.

See? Counting. 
You would think that my mommy would be happy that I practiced my counting, wouldn't you?
Is your mommy fussy at you when all you want to do is practice counting?

Of course I am a very gifted little boy, so I like to practice music lessons too.

Since we live in a duplex, Mommy is always telling me to practice not so loudly.
I am thinking that the neighbor lady probably appreciates musical talent more than mommy does.

Mommy did do something really cool for me, cuz even though mommy doesn't appreciate some ways of higher learning, she does see the value in learning art. So she made me an art station. 
I have been teaching my Bubba how to paint:

And since we haven't had snow this winter, I made some snow pictures for us:

And one time I even taught Sissy how to make an art project. 

I'll teach you how in a few days. 
That way when you can't get outside cuz it's too cold you can make an adventure of your own too!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh, mom!

Will you please get that new adventure post typed up that I've been wanting. Actually I have several. Mom!!!!

Son, yes I will. Just as soon as I get this quilt order finished. I promise.