Monday, March 26, 2012

A crazy morning out with Mommy

Today my Mommy and I woke up and you know what we wanted to do? Go hikin. Yep, we always want to do that. Well, my mommy does anyway; and usually I pretty much have to go along with what she's doing. Today's hike was fun but we didn't have the camera. You'll have to just read about this adventure without photos.

I got to pick yellow flowers and purple flowers and pink flowers and white flowers. There were lots of yellow flowers. Last night I went on a walk around the block and picked yellow flowers too. Mommy said they are called Dandelions and that people don't mind if I pick them. So today I picked more dandelions plus a bunch of other flowers.

After we picked flowers we picked rocks. I had to throw them into the creek. I wouldn't want the creek bed running out of rocks, you know? Every little boy must be an expert rock picker. I like to fill my pockets with rocks. They make a great racket of noise in the clothes dryer. I bet you didn't know that did you?

Today as we were hiking along--guess what I saw? Three yellow school buses. Right there in the woods almost! Of course I insisted that they were to become our destination. The nice school bus man let me hop up and take a look around. After I was all done checking out the school bus the driver man gave me a piece of gum. Can't beat that kind of service, can ya? I tipped him with an extra special rock.

Well, between all our hikin' and rock throwin' and school bus drivin' and flower pickin' I had to GO if ya catch my drift. I had to go bad. By this time my mommy and I were back on the trail. In the middle of the woods. No bathroom around. You know what that crazy mom of mine did?? She dropped my pants and told me to go on the tree! What?? Um NO!! That was not going to happen. Go potty on a tree?? Good grief what kind of hillbilly family did I get myself born into anyway? I started crying,"No potty tree. Go Home!"  So we started walking home. Then that momma got another crazy notion in her head. She saw this weird building with a door and a hole inside. She dropped my pants again and sat me on that hole and told me to go potty. What is it with my mom dropping my pants in crazy places today??!! This time I pitched a fit, screaming and yelling and the whole nine yards.

Finally my mom wised up. She walked me up to the car and put a diaper on me. Whew! That is how this little boy spells relief. I mean, I may go potty in the chair at home...but this going in the woods stuff? Well, no siree--I am more sophisticated than that.

I think next on my to-do list is talking my mom into buying me a baday. She says that isn't going to happen and next on her list is for me to learn how to go potty in the woods. I say that isn't going to happen!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stephen's St. Patrick's Day Adventure

I really haven't heard of St. Patrick before; but if his day involves an adventure, then I am all for it!

One thing that you have to do on St. Patrick's day is go to the parade.
This is completely necessary because it is one of the best ways to score big bags of candy.
I did have a favorite parade float:

And I really liked "Clover" the horse:

Of course, when it's St. Patrick's Day, you have to wear green.
I am always totally Charmin' you know.

After the parade, we went to visit daddy at the campground.
Mommy had sent daddy off packin' for the weekend. I guess she wanted him gone or something but we kept going and visiting so I am not sure what the whole point of the thing was. That really doesn't matter though cuz I had fun when we visited.

I got to learn some lessons about roughin' it. 
My Bubba whittled us some cookin' sticks.

Cookin hot dogs over an open fire was kind of fun.
But that rotten hot dog just fell right off my bun.
I really didn't find it appetizing anymore with all that dirt on it.

So I picked up the good stuff and prepared to roast it up.

Oh, forget the roastin! Let's get to the eatin!

Did you know that my mommy is the best marshmallow roastin person in the world?
I let her roast one or two.

It was especially funny watching daddy eat roasted marshmallows.
Oooey, gooey, yumminess is right up my alley.

Me and my daddy are great camping buddies. 
I think next time my mom sends daddy off packin' I will just join him.

(I just heard mommy say "Ok!" with just a bit too much enthusiasm.)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stephen makes Scientific Concoctions

I am a boy. 
I am two years old. 
I like to make messes.

Like when Mommy and Daddy went out for Valentines Dinner. Sissy and I did some cooking.
That was fun mess making!

Mommy decided to channel my mess making into making scientific concoctions.
First we gathered four empty bottles.
In the first bottle we put water and glitter:

In the next bottle we put veggie oil, water, glitter and beads.

The next bottle was really fun and messy. I dumped a whole bottle of glue in there, then added a tiny bit of water and then some blue food color. I did an especially good job of spilling the glue on the floor.
(Glue bottles are very entertaining for little boys. Plus mommy says squeezing the glue is good for fine motor skills. I am not sure how. Most of my fine motor cars go "vroom vroom", not "squirt, squirt".)

Finally for the last bottle we got to mix a concoction of all kinds of fun stuff--lotion, shampoo, baby oil, and food coloring.

Scientific mess concoction making was fun.

But really I didn't care much about the bottles after I was done.
I preferred the messy part.
We saved them for few days and then added more food coloring to each of them.

Now, if you don't mind, I am going to go find some real messes to get into.
See ya around!