Friday, August 24, 2012

Walking Stick Stuff

Today in school we learned about walking sticks. 

No Silly, this kind of walking stick. 
You know...the sticks with legs on them.

We read some books about them and looked at photos of really weird ones.
Then we made our own walking sticks.

I bet you didn't know walking sticks were made of frosting and pretzels did you?

A true chef must taste his work to make sure it's palatable.

I do believe I just ate a bug.

Hey those aren't half bad!

I am such a kind and giving boy I cooked up some for you too.
Hope you like them!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The morning after

Remember when I took my momma on The Perfect Date?

Well we loved it so much that we didn't want the date to end there. Since it was such a hit, we went to the same place the very next morning.

It is really a good thing that we did because look what was there:

That truck was pumping fuel into the ground.
Course it was doing a really good job because look who's driving:

Wanna see a close up?
As you can see I really liked my important job.

I think I'm ready to take my mom on another date.
I'll give her my winning smile.
It works every time.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stephen explains The Perfect Date

My mommy likes to go on dates with me. It's cuz I know how to take a woman on the perfect date. Tonight when Daddy got home I said, "Bye Dada, I am taking momma on a date to Jack Box". So I did. When I say I am going to Jack Box you might think I mean this:

But I've only been there once upon a time a long time ago. I liked it so I call anywhere that I can find french fries "Jack Box". Tonight I chose this kind of Jack Box:

This kind of Jack Box is the coolest. Mommy likes it cuz the salads and I like it cuz of the trucks.
Lots and lots of trucks.
My mommy and I sat here in this spot and watched them for two hours.
(My mommy said to tell you, "Literally...two hours! Sitting in the grass. Watching trucks.)
Doesn't that sound like the perfect date to you? 
I am pretty sure that is why my mommy was excited to tell you that.
I am such a ladies man.

Some of the truckers were really nice. 
This man let me stand in front of his truck for a photo op.
I had a hard time looking at the camera though.
I mean I had trucks to look at. All around me. Big trucks!

I loved to watch them come and go.
Mommy said this is a pretty cool truck cuz it helps people.
It's an MRI Scanner truck.

The guy that owned this cool rabbit truck tooted his horns for me when I was standing right beside the trucks.
It might have looked like it scared me, but I was just making mommy feel better about being scared.

See, I am just cool, calm, collected.

Some of the truck drivers were so happy to see me sitting there watching them that they brought me trucker trading cards.
Daddy helped me put them all into my new trading card book.
The trucker man said that I can buy more trading cards online. 
I think I need to do that. 
The 26 that I got by looking cool to the other truckers is not enough you know.

Finally, mommy appreciated such a fine date that she gave me a gift.
No...not a kiss. Yuck! 
This was way better!

It is not just any ol' toy truck, you know.
It's a load haulin' truck.
You open it here:

And check out that load o' goodies!
The best Pez dispenser ever made!

Only you gots to watch out.
Daddies make good load snitchers.

So that is the way to take a lady on the perfect date and show her a good time.
The only thing that could make it better is to go on a Choo Choo Train Date.
Mommy said maybe we could do that for my birthday.
I sure hope so.

Friday, July 20, 2012

S'more and S'more S'mores!

Sometimes my mom plans the craziest activities ever. But they are fun activities, so I am game. A couple of days ago when I woke my momma was hanging all these blankets on my window making my room 'black dark'.  I am not scared of 'black dark' but I don't know why she would want to do that in the morning time.

Next thing my friend Cierra came to play and she had a handful of twigs for a campfire. Momma said that we were going to build the campfire in my bedroom. Huh??

She dug out my strobe light, put some tissue on it and then some twigs. Um, doesn't much look like a campfire to me. But then she shut the door, turned out the lights, and look!

Real (almost) fire!

We tried to get photos of roasting marshmallows but they didn't work
. We left the lights out and used canned heat.
Then my mom did something crazy again.
She smooshed a cooked marshmallow and a candy bar between two crackers.
I was a bit hesitant to try it.
Cierra wasn't.

Hey, this isn't bad!

Then my momma told me a story about 5 little marshmallows that turned into s'mores.
She used my new story time cookie sheet. I'll be using this cookie sheet for lots of school activities.
The story pieces are magnetized, and I had fun telling the story over and over. I even told it to Daddy when he came home from work.

We had a s'more theme all week. We got to eat s'mores each day. Well, actually only two days. 
By the second day I had pretty much figured out that I just wanted to lick off the chocolate and forget the marshmallow. By the third day, I skipped  every thing but the chocolate bar.

'Course when you got a mom like mine, you can't expect to just stop at the enjoyment part of it. 
She's always gotta make it a learning thing. 
I had to do spelling:



And sequencing:

Still it was fun. 
Wonder what kind of other fun things mom has planned for when 'real' school starts in a few weeks?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'll take one of these!

When I was just a little kid my momma took me on an airplane adventure. Daddy missed the adventure last year, so this year I had to show him the ropes since I am an old pro and know my way around.

Of course when you go to an airplane show, you get to check out the airplanes up close and personal. The red one was pretty cool.

But I specially liked the yellow one.
It's got black propellers. 

Mommy said she could tell that Daddy specially liked this one too. 
She said the grin on his face says it all.
Something tells me that they weren't talking about the airplane.

Know why I liked the yellow airplane so much?
Cuz after a bit of flight instruction,

I am ready for take off!
See ya mom!

Phooey, that didn't work at all. 
Said I was too little. What's up with that?
Well, maybe next year.

There was a man that said that I could take a ride in this:

Oh, sigh. It's just not an airplane you know?
Sigh, sigh, sigh.

We were really close to the take off area so it was a little noisy.
I didn't mind that noise at all. 
I just wanted to ride.

I mean who wouldn't want to be flying straight up way high...

Then shooting back down really fast...

Then flying a loop over backwards,

Then doing a barrel roll?

Yep this is the place for me!
Mommy liked these planes the best. 
Shhh, I am going to be quiet a minute and let you enjoy their show:

Well, the day came to an end.
I didn't get to ride in or even buy an airplane; but they were cool to watch.

Oh, wait!
Since I can't have a plane, can't I just have this?
Please Daddy Please?!