Friday, July 26, 2013

The weirdest woods, EVER!

Today my Mommy took me to the woods. When we got there, we met some very strange people. 
We were barely a few feet down the trail when I met a strange man.
 I stopped. 
I stared. 
Then I wanted to know who cut the guy in half. 
Bubba held me up so I could get a closer look. Someone took half Roman soldier and half a Samurai and tried to make them into one man. It didn't work so well I am thinking. 

I decided we better just walk on down the trail.
Then I found the green people and the shiny people.
Momma, did we go to the moon when I wasn't looking?
I mean, these things just don't look human.

Bubba thinks he's like...Mr Strongman I think.

Ya, well just wait til you see where Momma and I caught Bubba next!
Ha! We were fast and got a photo of him trying to run away.
I am not sure why there was a naked lady in the middle of the woods.
Bubba didn't seem to mind as much as I did.

I sat in this old man's lap.
He was hard as stone or something.

But the most HORRIFIC thing I saw was this poor little baby boy.
I asked Mommy all kinds of questions about him.
Why did his mommy leave him there in that?
Where is his daddy?
Why doesnt he have underwear on?
and the most important question of all....
What is that bird going to do to his um... er... well momma wont let me say the word on the internet.
But, really I am very concerned.

Seeing as how this was the "International Statuary Garden"
...(didn't I learn big words there?) ...
they did have some American statues.
Well two of them anyway.
Mr. Lincoln had a hole in his tummy.
I am not sure why, but my head fit nicely.

And the only other American statue was this.
Mommy said you would know who it is.
I thought he was a girl.
Bubba said he's a boy. Ok, if you say so Bubba.
Anyway, I think he was before my time.
( Mommy randomly starting singing "Just beat it, beat it..."
I didn't see anyone scrambling eggs.
I think the woods is doing strange things to her mind.)

As we were leaving I found two little children to play with.
They were all sad and lonely and had no parents that I could see.

I told Mommy that she could just take them home cuz she's always raising kids.
She said the thought makes her tired.

Now we did some other things at these Botanical Gardens but it's past my bedtime so I'll have to tell you another one day.
I need to go see if Mommy ever got to beat her eggs.


Tami C said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures at the Botanical Gardens. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself and saw lots of different kinds of people!

Belinda said...

Hey Buddy! Looks like you had an interestin' day at that place. Nuthin like that around my house, but my Da and Nanna are taking me to see some trains tomorrow afternoon. I don't think there will be any nekkid ladies there and I'll be sure to keep my pants on. Why didn't that boy shoo the bird away? Anyways, I'm glad you had a fun day with your Momma and Bubba!

Your fren,

Pat said...

Fantastic adventure!
PS: I hope you got scrambled egg :) x

Linda said...

What a fun day you had! You saw so many neat things. I wonder where your next adventure will be! Your momma comes up with the best places to visit. lol Lucky boy!

Sunnybec said...

Wow what a brilliant place to visit! Some real fun characters there. I hope you enjoyed being there as much as I enjoyed reading about it. Hugs Linda xxx