Thursday, August 23, 2012

The morning after

Remember when I took my momma on The Perfect Date?

Well we loved it so much that we didn't want the date to end there. Since it was such a hit, we went to the same place the very next morning.

It is really a good thing that we did because look what was there:

That truck was pumping fuel into the ground.
Course it was doing a really good job because look who's driving:

Wanna see a close up?
As you can see I really liked my important job.

I think I'm ready to take my mom on another date.
I'll give her my winning smile.
It works every time.


Sunnybec said...

Hey look at you driving such a big truck.... looks like you had a real fun day. Hugs xxx

Belinda said...

You have all the fun buddy! Maybe one day I can do that too...but prolly not. Oh well, I did get to slide down a big high slide with my Nanna the other day. After once, she said it was too hard to get her old stiff body around mine again. Boo.