Friday, May 25, 2012

I ate yellow snow and lived to tell about it!

Just an hour or two ago I spent hard working time out at the barn. I had to feed my horse, and pet all the other horses and climb some fences and hitch a ride on the big blue tractor. Hard work makes for dirty, thirsty boys. So we just stopped at one of those Snow Cone places. I really wasn't sure what a snow cone was; but I'm game for new adventures.

At least I was until Daddy handed my snow cone to me. Didn't your momma ever tell you not to eat yellow snow? Mine sure did. And here Daddy just wants me to up and eat it.

I wasn't really sure what to think. But, hey if Daddy is man enough to eat yellow snow then I am too! I proceeded with caution:

Hmmm, not bad. Not bad at all. Sweet and tasty.
Sort of tastes like bananas.

Hey, I dropped some. Better eat it up. Yum! Even tastier with truck dirt on it.

Well, that was good. I ate it til the last drop.

Oh, never mind. Daddy has some left. I'll just help him finish his too.

Mmmm, yep. Yellow snow is not bad. Not bad at all.
You should try it for yourself!


Belinda said...

It's always better with truck dirt on it Stephen. I like eating most everything off the floor and ground too. Nanna says variety is the spice of life, and it gets pretty spicy on the ground and in the truck bed, huh?!

I'm gonna have to try to get my Nanna to buy me some yellow snow. Thanks for the good idea!

Your friend,

Sunnybec said...

Hmmm yellow snow is only good if a grown up gives it to you, I would like some of that too I like banana flavour, though I will let you keep the bit with truck dirt on, no really, it's okay, you can have that bit.

Big Hugs Linda xx

QuiltSue said...

I think it was specially good of you to help Daddy finish his. Perhaps he'd have finished it if he had some dirt on his too?