Monday, June 18, 2012

They call the thing Rodeo

One day momma played a song for me on the computer. Then she shut it off 'fore it was done cuz she said it was a bad song. But before she shut it off, I heard them say, "They call the thing Rodeo". I also heard them tell somethin' bout bulls and blood, and dust and mud and spurs and boots and cowboy hats. Well, anything that's got that stuff has gotta be good! So on went my boots,

 and I grabbed up my Daddy (he insisted we bring Mommy too) and we headed out in my green truck.

When we got to the rodeo, I compared it to the song I heard.
Well, yep. There was dirt.

And dust. 

And hats and spurs and bits...
And a spare horse for me to ride. See? No one's in the saddle.
Mommy wouldn't let me ride though. 
Told you we should have left her at home.

Then this crazy looking dude came out to shake my hand.
I guess that's ok, I'm a friendly kid. I'll shake his hand, but I'm glad I had my sunshine eyes on. That way he couldn't see the funny look I was giving him.

About this time, I'm thinkin is this all there is to this thing called rodeo?
But then the show began. 

Whoa, horses and boots and cowboys. I couldn't take my eyes off the show!

I'm not too sure what this has to do with a rodeo, but I'm not complainin'.

They finally got those silly girls outta the way and the REAL show began. 
Now I know why they call the thing Rodeo.
Those men just rode and got bucked and hit the dirt and roped calves. It was way cool!
It was getting too dark to take photos of the cool stuff, but I did manage to get myself my very own rodeo rope. The cowboys' rope wasn't red, but I'm pretty sure mine was just as good.


Sunnybec said...

Loving those shades little man... xxx

Linda said...

What a fun day! Hope you remembered your manners and said thank you to Daddy and Ma for takin' ya!

Anonymous said...

I sure had fun taking you to the rodeo Stephen. And you're right, if mamma hadn't been there I would have let you ride that horse. But it sure is fun having mamma with us for adventures!

Belinda said...

You get to go to the neatest places Stephen. One of these days I'll get to go to a rodeo...maybe...hopefully...well, maybe not. None of my people are big on the rodeo. Except maybe my Aunt Beby cause she has horses. I will get to ride one when I get a little older and bigger. She and my Da talked about it the other day. My Nanna would let me ride now, but she was over ruled. I think they held a stick with numbers and lines over her head.

My Mommy would have freaked if that crazy looking dude had come up to me. She's not a fan of clowns and that guy looks a lot like one.

I don't have any boots like yours. All I have right now are sandals. But that makes it easier to play in the water.

Glad you had fun at that thing they call rodeo. Yippe tie yie ayyy!
Your friend,

QuiltSue said...

Hey, that looks like a great day. I think you look really cool in your boots and with your sunshine eyes on.

Maria said...

Looks like you had a great day at the Rodeo. You look so cool Dude in your shades....