Friday, May 18, 2012

My Muddin' Adventure

Did you think I was still alive? I have some adventures to show you but they are all lost on Mommy's old computer and we are waiting on Daddy to fix 'em to the new computer. Daddy reads my adventures. And Nanny reads my Adventures. That's Daddy's Mommy. I bet if Daddy doesn't get my Adventure stuff moved soon, he'll be in big trouble with Nanny.

In the meantime, I have a couple of pictures to show you at least.

We were working outside today. I worked real hard dumping out old flower planters. That's hard work, you know. But then I discovered something. If you water the dumped out get MUD. And when you get mud, you have to get your truck and go muddin'.

See my truck behind me? You can see it better in the picture below. I smiled and said "Cheese" for the camera.

I've always, my whole life, heard that mud baths are good for your complexion. I offered to give Mommy a mud bath but she was too chicken. So I gave my clothes a mud bath instead. 

We had new neighbors move in today. I greeted the mom very nicely by spraying her with the hose. Momma told Daddy that at least I 'broke the ice'. I don't remember seeing any ice. I think it was too hot outside for ice. I just figured the lady was hot from all that moving. She said I'm cute. I know it.
I still don't remember breaking ice though.


Sunnybec said...

Hello sweetie, I was wondering where you were. You certainly did break the ice with your new neighbours and she must be a very sensible Lady because she knows you are cute! There is nothing better than playing in mud I would do it everyday if I was you... opps was that Mommy shouting at me then..... ;0) Big Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Belinda said...

Hey Stephen old buddy,

I got to play outside in the water yesterday too. I didn't get to play in the mud, but I did get to spray my Nanna with a spray bottle. She screamed like a like a little girl.
She let me run around in a big old fish that sprayed water up from the edges and I liked it. Probably wasn't as fun as your mud though.

I think your face should have a good completion with that mud on it, and your truck should stay young looking forever.

Maybe you can fix the new lady's broken ice with a Popsicle.

Belinda said...

OOps, forgot to sign my note.

Your friend, Winston

sandra said...

Nothing better than a good mud bath for kids. I remember my kids having them. Takes a fair bit of scrubbing in the bath to get it all off though!. I'm glad your new neighbour thinks you are cute, i think she will be a nice neighbour.

QuiltSue said...

Of course mud baths are good for you Stephen. I can't think why Mummy didn't want one too.

Your new neighbour sounds very nice. Perhaps you should invite her to come and play with you in the mud to make up for breaking her ice?

Snoodles said...

Heehee~ Stephen one of our favorite pictures of our littlest (she is ancient now, at 24 yrs old) is her after playing, and she is covered with mud! Nothing more fun than that squishy stuff! If I were your neighbor I would have come and played with you!!