Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Going to St. Petersburg (part one)

Mommy and I decided to go on a road trip.
She said we are going to Hannibal, but I keep telling her the name of the town is St. Petersburg.

That is because, on the way, she let us listen to this story in the car:

And if you read the story, you will know that the name of the place is St. Petersburg. Not Hannibal.

The first place we went to is the Train Museum. 

It had little buttons all over the shop. When you pushed them, trains started going, or the gate would move or things like that. 

There was a collection of trains that was so cool and so old.
My favorites were trains that carried helicopters and airplanes. 

This is a fake conductor man because he is not real and he doesn't work. He just stays like that forever. 

After we left the train museum we went to the Tom Sawyer museum. It had stuff from the book in there.
Plus this stagecoach. 

It had a scary cave. It had Injun Joe. He was scary too.
I made Momma leave when I saw that because I thought he was real.
I like Injun Joe I guess. Well, I didn't like him when we went in there. But I liked him when mommy explained how the real one was good and stuff.

Tomorrow I will tell you about some other things we did in Hannibal only I call it St. Petersburg.
Or St. Petersburger when I am being funny. 


Tami C said...

I really liked the first place you went Stephen! I used to love going to our neighbor's train store. The man that owned the store used to work on the railroad and would tell us all about it. He loved talking to people who were interested in the antique toy trains.

QuiltSue said...

The train museum looked like it was a lot of fun, but I would not have been brave enough to go in the cave.