Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fishy fishy in the brook..

When I was just a baby momma used to tell me that little story:

"Fishy fishy in the brook, 
Daddy catch him on a hook, 
Mommy fry him in the pan, 
Baby eat him fast as he can."

Well, as I grow older, I am noticing some things. Like how parents tell you lies they think are cute. I,  for one, have NEVER seen Daddy catch a fish in any ol' brook and I for sure can tell you that as long as I have lived Mommy hasn't fried one in a pan. So, as usual, I took matters into my own hands. And, as usual, I just picked up the phone, called my sissy and told her to help me out with the situation. Sissy is good about doing that. She, and that guy she hangs around, Blake, they are always ready for a good time.

I grabbed Blake and off we went. As you can see, I have my own fishing pole because this is serious business.

Its wiggling!
Coco is right there ready to help catch it too.

Let me help!
Let me help!

Um, well, I'll let you do that part because I am so generous.

Here I'll even smile for the camera with our big catch of the day!

No, I didnt say I would TOUCH it and smile for the camera.
You ask too much of me.

This reminds me of another fish tale.
I'll share that story with you in a day or two.
Maybe I can go call Sissy and see if she'll take me fishing today.
Mommy says it would be ice fishing.
Sounds good to me!


Belinda said...

Well Stephen, did anyone cook him up for you? I've never been fishing, but my Da say he'll take me one of these days. I think my Nanna will have to remind him of it. He did take me to the deer camp though. I got to ride the four wheeler and we went through the woods and up and down the hills. Even Nanna rode on the back. She had a hard time getting off for some reason.

Can't wait to read about your other adventures. Oh, I forgot to tell you I liked that picture of you and your Dad ringing the bell. That must have been pretty cool.

Your friend,

QuiltSue said...

Hi Stephen, that really was quite an adventure. Did you get to eat the fish afterwards?

You're lucky to have a big sister to take you on adventures as well as the ones you go on with Mummy and Daddy.

Pat said...

That was an adventure. Did mommy have an adventure cooking your fish, or did Sissy take it home?