Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stephen's St. Patrick's Day Adventure

I really haven't heard of St. Patrick before; but if his day involves an adventure, then I am all for it!

One thing that you have to do on St. Patrick's day is go to the parade.
This is completely necessary because it is one of the best ways to score big bags of candy.
I did have a favorite parade float:

And I really liked "Clover" the horse:

Of course, when it's St. Patrick's Day, you have to wear green.
I am always totally Charmin' you know.

After the parade, we went to visit daddy at the campground.
Mommy had sent daddy off packin' for the weekend. I guess she wanted him gone or something but we kept going and visiting so I am not sure what the whole point of the thing was. That really doesn't matter though cuz I had fun when we visited.

I got to learn some lessons about roughin' it. 
My Bubba whittled us some cookin' sticks.

Cookin hot dogs over an open fire was kind of fun.
But that rotten hot dog just fell right off my bun.
I really didn't find it appetizing anymore with all that dirt on it.

So I picked up the good stuff and prepared to roast it up.

Oh, forget the roastin! Let's get to the eatin!

Did you know that my mommy is the best marshmallow roastin person in the world?
I let her roast one or two.

It was especially funny watching daddy eat roasted marshmallows.
Oooey, gooey, yumminess is right up my alley.

Me and my daddy are great camping buddies. 
I think next time my mom sends daddy off packin' I will just join him.

(I just heard mommy say "Ok!" with just a bit too much enthusiasm.)


Sunnybec said...

Hi Stephen wow looks like you had a fabulous St Patrick's Day. I like marshmallows too, toasted or not!! Camping with Daddy would be fun .... but Mommy would miss you really. Big Hugs Linda xxxxxxx

Belinda said...

I wish I'd had that much fun on St. Patrick's Day Stephen! You look like you had fun with your Daddy! Maybe one day, my Mommy and Daddy can take me camping. Mommy talks about it a lot but so far, we haven't gone anywhere. Maybe when it gets a little warmer... My Nanna says she's going to take me to the lake this summer. I don't know what a lake is, but it sounds fun to me. Have you been to the lake Stephen?

I like that last picture of you and your Daddy. Maybe next time, you can talk your Mommy into getting into the picture. Mommy's don't do that very often.

Thanks for sharing you adventure on St. Patrick's Day with us Buddy. I wonder what your next adventure will be???

Your friend,

Linda said...

What a fantastic St. Patrick's Day you had. Parade, hot dogs and toasted marshmallows sound like a perfect day to me too!