Friday, January 27, 2012

A Yucky Adventure

My mommy sometimes gets these crazy ideas in her head. Like the other one day. She is always thinking that she can find things on the internet. She found this recipe for goopy stuff--then she sat me down and told me to mix it all up.

Ok, so I mixed. And mixed. And cooked. And this is what we got:

It was weird stuff. I really didn't like it on my hands. 
I mean I smiled for the camera and everything. 
(Hey, I got the look ya know...)
But I pretty much wouldn't touch that nasty white sticky goopy weird stuff.
Here you try some:

I then took matters into my own hands.
After putting my shirt back on, because lets face it, I'll have all the toddler girls in the nation wantin me after those last photos, I dug out my Crayola Magic Modeling dough. 

See, not goopy! I can even make myself a hat.
Or I can slice it into pieces.
And pretend to look really busy.

Then when mommy wasn't lookin I ran real fast and got the only kind of goopy stuff that toddlers do like on their hands.
Only I had ta be sneaky cuz mom's are good about catchin' ya with the Nutella.


Quiltaholic said...

LOL! You sure are one loved, good boy!

Patty@Granma's said...

Yewee, I don't like goopy stuff on my hands either! And I'll bet you needed a good face (and hand) wash after that nutella. At least IT looks good enough to eat! HugS-)

Belinda said...

Hey Stephen old bud, I don't think I'd like that goopy stuff on my hands either! I'm forever wiping my hands on Nanna's pants leg. I think she might freak if I wiped the Nutella on it though. Man, I like the picture though. If I could find our Nutella, I'd grab a handful myself. Let me know some more of your tricks and I'll try them out with Nanna.

Your friend, Winston

jill said...

Stephen have been meaning to tell you how much we enjoy reading all about your adventures. Thank you for sharing the good, the gooey and the yummy.......

QuiltSue said...

Oh you're so right Stephen. Mummies do have the most peculiar ideas sometimes! Mind you, thee Nutella should have made up for it!

sweetybird09 said...

Stephen, I do not blame u that goopy stuff looked well goopy!

The play dough is so fun to play with I liked the hat you made...I have never tried Nutella, it looks good though :)

Thanks and have a great weekend

Marcia - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

Looks like fun!