Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our visit to Moon Marble Company

Last fall my mom and brother and I went to moon marble company. 
We had a lot of fun, and we saw marbles. Lots of marbles. 

There was a wall of marbles. They were all different colors and sizes. 

We got to watch someone make a marble.
He chose one of these color sticks, and he uses these to melt it down to make a marble. 

He had this little tool that he used to help make it round.

He used fire to melt it and shape it. 

It turned red. 

It looks like a lollipop. 

I think he heats it here. I am not sure. 

But then he breaks it off the stick and it turns into this! 

After we watched him make a marble, we looked all over the store. It had tons of toys.
Some were weird. I think my hand is stuck in his mouth. 

And mom said some of you would want one of these: 

Until next time, mom and I are in outer space....


Nini and Ash said...

That looks like a pretty neat place to visit! Naomi and Asher love marbles so they would want to take home one of each marble! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome adventure with us, and I hope you guys get to meet some cool aliens on your outer space trip!

Miss Hillbilly said...

He giggled at that alien comment!

Deborah Burns said...

Stephen, where is the Moon Marble Company? It sounds like you had a fantastic time there!

Unknown said...

Stephen, I just loved that you had this wonderful adventure. I collect marbles and I have never heard of this place before. Can you tell me where it is located? It is nice to see how a real artisan works on his craft. I enjoy glass blowing too, and have done it a couple times, and always thought that I would love to make my very own marble some day.

Unknown said...

Hi Stephen,

Wow I wish I could get to go there and see how marbles are made, but I live too far away. I live in Australia. Maybe you can let me know what the address is as one day you never know I will fulfil my dream of travelling to America so I can see all the sights and meet all my Facebook friends. You have a wonderful mom Stephen you are a lucky young man that she takes you on such wonderful adventures.